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What Color Is Transmission Fluid?

Changing transmission fluid

When driving in the Los Banos area, transmission fluid is a need to maintain your vehicle’s new performance. If you’ve been asking, “what color is transmission fluid?” or if you have a more significant problem and asked, “what’s the red fluid leaking from my car?” the team at Smith Chevrolet Of Turlock can get you back on track. Visit the service center to get the lowdown on transmissions and more.

Transmission Fluid Color

Check the fluid’s color if you have a transmission leak and are unsure of what to do. Over time, your transmission fluid will naturally darken, but if your transmission filter is faulty or not working properly, pollutants can enter your fluid and alter its color prematurely. In addition, different colors mean different diagnostic issues. Here’s what each color of leaking transmission fluid could mean:

  • New fluid: Bright red
  • Average fluid: A Deeper Brick-colored red
  • Service your vehicle soon: Rusty or blood/copper-colored red
  • Get your car checked now/it might be too late: Near-black or burnt color

Red Fluid Leaking from My Car

If you drive through Modesto and notice a red fluid leaking from your car, it’s probably transmission fluid, and you’ve suffered a leak somewhere. Other telltale signs of a transmission fluid leak or other problems include:

  • The smell of burnt rubber or petroleum
  • If the fluid has the consistency and appearance of engine oil.
  • If the problem is located at the front of the car, the leak may be caused by the vehicle’s radiator.

More Guidelines on Transmission Fluid Color

Here are some things to remember so that you can maintain your transmission and transmission fluid:

  • Transmission fluids vary from vehicle to vehicle, so it’s important to get the proper type. To find out what kind of transmission fluid should be used in your car, see the owner’s manual.
  • Also, refer to the owner’s manual to learn about your service intervals.
  • Check-in with a local service center in the Ceres area if you have any doubts about the health of your transmission or other vehicle components.

Having gained an initial understanding of transmission fluid color and how to identify signs of a transmission fluid leak, you can now take the appropriate measures to ensure your transmission is in good working order. 

Get Your Car Serviced at Smith Chevrolet Of Turlock

Contact us to schedule an appointment if you are ever confused about the color of your transmission fluid or if you see anything out of the ordinary. Our regularly updated service specials are a great way to save money on routine maintenance for your car.


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