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How Much is it to Ceramic Coat a Car?

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Have you ever inquired about, “How much is it to ceramic coat a car?” The answers you received might not have been the clearest. However, understanding the process and the benefits is extremely important, especially if you want protection against the hot and humid Maryland summers. Drivers in Los Banos are well aware of the direct damage the sun and heat can exact on your car’s exterior – with enough intensity, it can deteriorate the finish of your vehicle. A high-quality ceramic coat helps you avoid most types of damage to your car’s exterior, regardless of the season. 

If you’ve never heard of this application, you’re probably wondering, “What is ceramic coating for cars?” We’ve got a detailed explanation for you in the section below. 

What is Ceramic Coating for Cars? 

You have two options for applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle: turn to a professional or take it on yourself. We strongly recommend using a professional service unless you’re confident applying this type of finish. When you apply a layer of ceramic coating, think of it as an additional buffer that separates your paint job from damaging elements. When you drive, things like mud, dirt, and even small bugs can cause tiny areas of damage to your car. With a ceramic coating, these things won’t stick to the paint’s surface so easily. As a bonus, your car becomes much easier to wipe clean. 

How Much to Ceramic Coat a Car? 

Let’s assume you’re a Modesto driver, and you’re moving forward with a ceramic coat application on your own. 

Do It Yourself

A ceramic coat application significantly decreases the damage done to your car, making it much easier to wipe small debris from the surface when cleaning. As we mentioned earlier, the punishing rays of the sun will also be muted down substantially thanks to the coating. So how much does it all cost? 

Depending on the size of your vehicle and the quality of the materials, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $4,500. How long does it take to ceramic coat a car on your own? The time to finish depends on your level of expertise and your prep work. However, you can expect it to be an all-day affair. 

Professional Application

If you decide to have a professional apply the ceramic coating, you’re making a trade-off of a higher cost for a better quality job. When you go the professional route, you’re responsible for paying for the materials AND labor costs associated with ceramic coating. 

The final cost varies significantly and depends on a few critical factors. Each of the following impacts your final price:

  • Is your car new or used? 
  • The color of your car plays a role.
  • The total size/volume impacts the job.
  • The type of ceramic coating you decide to apply determines price.

When it’s all said and done, a professional application will set you back somewhere to the tune of $2,000 and $2,500. 

How Long Does it Take to Ceramic Coat a Car? 

When a ceramic coating application is provided and laid down on the surface of your vehicle, you might want to make plans to pick the car up in a couple of days. A professional will likely bill you between 30 and 40 hours for a completed job. However, if you take the job on yourself, you’re looking at potentially 50 hours or better, especially with no assistance.

We’ll Tackle Your Vehicle Service at Smith Chevrolet Of Turlock

We might not apply ceramic coating to your vehicle – but the chances are high we can refer you to a business that does. However, when you need auto repairs and preventative maintenance, we’re happy to tackle any size job you throw our way. Use our online portal to schedule anything from oil changes to new brakes and tires. Don’t forget to check our rotating service offers to save you money on your most important maintenance needs!


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